Services Provided by Birket Specialty Lighting

Birket Specialty Lighting brings enlightened engineering and production experience together to light the world’s most recognizable architecture and entertainment venues.

LED Fixture & Product Design

In-house engineers and designers allow us to quickly create prototypes and realize specific-use fixtures and products. Products may have a one-off application, or may be optimized for a larger marketplace.

System Integration

Birket may be the world’s most experienced specifier and integrator of hardware & software systems. Whether it is meant for a mountainside in San Diego, underwater in Tokyo, or in a club in Las Vegas, our systems deliver.


Birket-owned US & Asian manufacturing facilities, together with a network of specialists, can produce your system or product with dramatic efficiency. We are able to label our equipment to the requirements of most jurisdictions.


Birket has the experience and staff to install & commission systems worldwide. Birket-installed systems may be found in Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Canada, and throughout the US.

Facility Lighting Efficiency Analysis

The world is rapidly embracing the change from legacy incandescent lighting to efficient LED and other technologies. We can help identify solutions creating long term savings for your venue.