Bill Lund
Custom lighting system design, fabrication, and installation




Birket was contracted to create and install the Gallegos Lighting Design vision for the San Tan Motorplex. The project developer is Bill Lund, husband of Walt Disney daughter Sharon Disney Lund.

The San Tan Motorplex is a mega-car dealership in Gilbert, Arizona. The entrance architectural icon is a 16-foot wide, 269-foot long undulating roadway. Pedestrian or driving customers pass underneath the roadway icon upon entering the Motorplex.

The project calls for a 269-foot moving stripe of light to create the appearance of the stripe passing by the wheels of an automobile on a roadway.

The system provides for variable control of stripe speed, length, and intensity, and is integrated with the installation’s facility lighting. The custom road stripe was manufactured using over 40,000 high-intensity white LEDs.

The system was manufactured by Birket Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited.

Universal Studios Japan
Custom lighting system design, fabrication, and installation

Roller Coaster 1

Roller Coaster 2

Roller coasters have been giving crowds a rip-roaring good time since their introduction. Thrill seekers and amusement park aficionados are always looking for new rides that will offer the ultimate thrill ride experience. Amusement parks have been diligently working to add more excitement and thrills to fulfill their customers thirst for entertainment.

This is the first rollercoaster in the world to have an onboard LED lighting and sound system where the guest can choose any audio track. The project was the first to combine elements that have never been put together before for an onboard effect system mounted in a rollercoaster.

The rollercoaster consists of 4 cars, 312 white LEDs, 72 speakers, 36 MP3 players, 36 guest interface panels, numerous sensors and super capacitors, and at the heart 40 RabbitFLEX microcontroller boards.

The pilot car houses the master controller, which has the lighting sequences, and communicates with other cars using RS-485 serial connection. The master controller also monitors sensors that communicate with another set of LED lights. Each car houses the passenger coach controllers, which connect to the speakers for each rider, the guest user interface, and the MP3 players.

When riders board the car, each person is given the ability to choose their own unique music track. Once the train leaves the boarding area, the audio cues up and the light show begins. As the rollercoaster races along the track the sensors in the cars are triggered and subsequently change the onboard light show. In the end, guests receive a thrilling ride of sight and sound.

The system implementing this effect was designed in Orlando, installed in Switzerland, and commissioned in Osaka by Birket.

Argosy Casino
Kansas City, MO
Xenon Strobe-Brik System


Gallegos Lighting Design worked with Argosy Casino to Develop the Lighting experience for the expansion of their facility near Kansas City, Missouri. At night, the experience begins for the approaching guest with a view of a fantasy Mediterranean themed facade. Lighting provides a mythical element to the building. As part of the palette, Gallegos Lighting Design proposed and had approved by Argosy a kinetic and dramatic look for the building. Utilizing over 900 individually programmable strobe lamps, the building comes alive with a beckoning sparkle.

As conceived by Gallegos Lighting Design, the effect is achieved with over twenty-five Birket Strobe-Brik 32S systems with a variety of custom mounting solutions. The Strobe-Brik system provides for robust, efficient and extensible DMX control of hundreds or thousands of small , outdoor-use strobes. The multi-channel controller conserves space, speeds installation, and simplifies maintenance. The controller detects any unsafe or ground fault conditions, shutting down the affected channel. LED Diagnostics monitor strobe status and provide the maximum up-time needed for large, continuous-duty shows.

Skyline Church

Skyline Parking Lot

Skyline Mountain Side

Skyline Light Net

Get the Big Picture! - Birket Specialty Lighting's LightNet is a one of a kind, large-area image field providing a continually changing, illuminated display for simple graphics.

Designed for rugged outdoor use on a mountainside or architecture of any size, or indoor use as theater backdrop, LightNet gives you individual control of thousands of low-power, high-intensity LEDs.

A fraction of the cost of a video quality display, LightNet is the low-cost, low-resolution alternative to expensive high-resolution systems.

Modular design creates a light array at any LED density to convery your message over any non-uniform surface. Simple PC-based interface brings your images to life...bigger than life!

The site uses an array of 3,584 high-intensity LEDs to form the production's synamic 56' high X 64' wide hillside backdrop. LEDs are positioned every 12" inches grid fashion.

This project highlights the system's adaptability to any irregular surface. Shown here are the rugged topography and installation in progress.