Brik-5J Strobes

May 16, 2016

Category - Non-DMX Xenon Strobes

2016 05 16 Brik 5JBrik 5 article image

Birket Engineering has launched a new Xenon Strobe into the Orlando market. The first quantity of Brik-5J strobes was delivered to Walt Disney World on Friday, May 13th, 2016.

The Brik-5J (5 Joule) is a companion project to the existing Birket Brik-20J (20 Joule). Both are stand-alone xenon strobes, available with an internal or external trigger, not requiring DMX input.

The Brik-5J replaces other 5 joule non DMX-controlled xenon strobes that are no longer available in the marketplace. The polycarbonate lens will not become discolored from intense sunlight and the durable aluminum enclosure will not warp in harsh environments.

The need for specialty lighting continues to grow, with new theme parks and attractions constantly in the works. The Brik-5J can be used for a variety of  applications, including sign displays, haunted houses, stage shows, and more! Whether you are replacing a discontinued product or creating new lighting effects, the Brik-5J is easy to use and can integrate with any number of related effects!