Faux Flame Controller

FAUXFLAME® Flicker device
120VAC, 12VAC, or 12VDC modules

The flame effect you've unknowingly seen at amusement parks and in motion pictures is now available direct to the general public. The FAUXFLAME® module uses microchip technology to simulate the look of a real flame using any standard incandescent light bulb, while extending the bulb life dramatically. When used with frosted glass to hide the light bulb, only you will know that you aren't burning kerosene. Dual brightness and flicker controls allow you to obtain the exact flame look you desire.

The FAUXFLAME® module is perfect for use in electrified kerosene lanterns and oil or candle lamps. The optional By-Pass mode allows the user to bring the fixture to full brightness by simply interrupting the power for 1 second. After the lamp is turned off, it will resume the flicker effect the next time it is turned on. The FAUXFLAME® module is designed for professional installation only, and should only be installed by those familiar with electric circuitry and safety.